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About Us

Fairwood Shuttle, LLC offers commuter shuttle bus service between the Fairwood Community and the New Carrollton Metro Station.  Fairwood Shuttle, LLC has partnered with Tom's Coach-N-Travel of Bowie, MD.  Tom's Coach-N-Travel of Bowie, MD brings 39 years of transportation experience and customer service to their clients.  They have provided ground transportation to the following: individuals and groups, corporate and small businesses, churches and civic organizations, before and aftercare centers. private and public schools, healthcare providers, federal, state and local government employees and agencies.


The shuttle service will provide transportation options for current and future residents and will be exclusively for Fairwood residents only.  

The vans we use are fully licensed, bonded and insured as noted below: 

National Casaulty c/o London
PSC  #3832
DOT #2127098

The vans will pick up residents at each Fairwood Enclave depending on ridership. Providing the Fairwood Community with dependable and affordable shuttle service to the New Carrollton Metro.  We employ professional and friendly drivers, with safe and clean vehicles for your transportation.

Our Goal:

To combine the luxury and safety of chauffeured transportation with the technological conveniences and environmental benefits of private, full-service individual and group transportation.

To take people out of their vehicles by providing a first-class, environmentally-friendly transit option that gives commuters back valuable time — whether working productively onboard or simply relaxing in comfort.

As fuel prices rise we are again reminded to find modes of transportation other than personal vehicles. Luckily these other forms of transport usually have more than just monetary benefits. For example, by having less people driving their vehicles it will cut downs on fossil fuel while reducing air and noise pollution. It's a win-win for “The Fairwood Community! Our service will be top notch.


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